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FELD | studio for digital crafts

FELD is a design studio founded by a group of Berlin based designers who share a common language of digital thinking in their work process.

The studio has been working with and for international clients within various fields, ranging from international commercial companies, research institutes, cultural institutions and artists.

The results are more than simple solutions to a single problem as they transcend existing tools and media. The outcome may be a single element (software, hardware, interface, process) to improve a given workflow, an artistic spatial installation or a complex product or system.

FELD balances the strengths of computers and of people: Leveraging the relentless, precise and high-speed computational processes of custom machines to create their work, while the human always remain in control. Keeping in mind that the most important aspect is using technology to tell stories, rather than to tell stories about technology.

The studio’s work combines computational design, electronics, physical computing, animation and a confident graphic design attitude in a novel and elegant way. These skills are equally present in artistic interventions as in high production value media. The studio comprises several in house prototyping and production tools (CNC milling and turning, 3D printing, electronics lab, etc.) to facilitate an iterative and experimental driven design process and to produce working prototypes and products.

FELD approaches its clients as partners, striving to discover solutions together in a collaborative dialogue. This collaboration may also be self-initiated and driven by the curiosity of the studio members themselves. Projects often start with a workshop to evaluate requirements and sketch first ideas, keeping in mind the crucial constituents. These are usually defined by the final user, the essential technology and the economic boundaries.

Besides commissioned work and self-initiated projects another important aspect of the studios’ activity is sharing and exchanging knowledge. The studio is frequently invited to lectures and talks at symposiums and festivals, as well as organising several seminars and workshops at universities during the last years (e.g. UdK Berlin, Bauhaus University Weimar, Tongji University Shanghai, etc.).

The studio is involved in constant collaborations with technology focused research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute or the University of Kassel to develop new products and workflows.




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