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FELD | studio for digital crafts

FELD was founded in 2011 by a group of Berlin-based designers who share a common language of digital thinking in their creative process.

The studio combines scenography, computational design, electronics, physical computing, animation and a confident and elegant graphic design attitude. These skills are equally present in artistic interventions and in high-end production commissions.

FELD is composed of media and product designers, software and hardware developers, engineers and project managers, and holds several in-house prototyping and production tools to facilitate an iterative and experiment-driven design process. Each project is carefully and individually handled and evolves in close dialogue with the respective client.

The studio regularly collaborates with people, businesses and institutions spanning various fields. We work with clients from the cultural sector, industry and trade, as well as science-focused research institutes and universities. Whether you’re an artist, musician or an architectural firm, a car manufacturer, fashion designer or something else entirely – we are always searching for new and inspiring creative partnerships.

Many projects start with a simple idea and grow in detail over time. We perform small experiments to deepen our understanding of a topic and use our findings as a starting point for further iteration. We also consider non-electronic materials and immaterial elements such as processes and habitats as viable technologies and modes of expression.

In our process, we aim to reduce complexity, focusing on the essentially intuitive experience that we want to provoke. We are interested in expanding human perception and imagination by linking physical, virtual and social environments in an elegant and useful way.

The studio is frequently invited to give lectures and talks at symposiums and festivals around the world, while also organising independent seminars and workshops at universities, research institutes and private companies.

If you are interested in working with us or would like to know more about FELD, please contact us via email or phone or simply drop by at our studio for a coffee and a chat – we would love to hear from you!



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