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A series of installations exposing the phenomena of natural forces.


The KRÄFTE exhibition features a series of installations to experience different natural forces. Every work applies a unique feel of elemental power and energy, exposed in an experimental setup.

The exhibition was first shown at the “22PRESENTS showroom” Prague, Czech Republic and later at the “PHYSICA” exhibition in Berlin.


“PHYSICA” features sculptures that stage physical phenomena to be perceived in a sensory way. Due to the experimental nature and an aesthetic construction of the exhibits, the acting forces and their causalities gain a unique dramaturgy.

PHYSICA is a group exhibition hosted by Philipp Eibach, Hartmut Wöhlbier and FELD. The showcased work focuses on the experience of natural forces in a series of three installations. Every single work applies a different feel of raw power and energy, all exposed in an experimental manner.

PHYSICA exhibition, Berlin

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P H Y S I C A    exhibition

Group exhibition with works by Hartmut Wöhlbier, Philipp Eibach and FELD. VERNISSAGE: 27.02.2014 - 07:00 PM, Senatsreservenspeicher Berlin

KRÄFTE Exhibition

Studio exhibition in Prague.
November 7th